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CarWash.png Car Wash

Our modern machines use electronic sensors that are guided by the contours of your car penetrating traffic film and removing dirt, dust and residues. The brushes are designed to clean effectively, while caring for your car’s paintwork. Wing mirrors/aerials should always be removed or retracted where possible.

All our chemicals are specially developed to clean and care for your car. They are all both eco-friendly and industry approved to ensure a safe clean. Where possible, we use water reclaim systems, recycling more than 50% of the water used our washes. All wasted water is collected in our drainage system and taken away for safe treatment.

Upgrade to our best ever Car Wash with Raintecs® & Shinetecs® technology at select Topaz locations. Find out more about our Car Wash upgrade options here. Download a list of available upgrade locations here.

Car Wash Terms and Conditions


 Car Wash Pass

The Topaz Car Wash Pass is a season pass for Topaz Car Wash. The €40 Pass entitles the holder to use of car wash facilities at participating Topaz retail sites for 30 days and the €60 Pass for 60 days as per Fair Usage and Terms and Conditions policy.

Car Wash Pass FAQ

How soon can I use my Car Wash Pass after purchase?

The Car Wash Pass can be used straight away upon purchasing at a participating Topaz site.

How long is my Car Wash Pass valid for?

The Car Wash Pass is valid for 30 / 60 days depending on the value purchased from the date of first use.

Do all Topaz stations accept the Car Wash Pass?

The Car Wash Pass is valid at participating Topaz Re.Store, Restore and Express stores with Car Wash facilities only. Please click here to filter by store type and on site facilities.

Is there a restriction of use on the Car Wash Pass? 

A fair usage policy of 12 washes per 30 day Pass, and 24 washes per 60 day Pass applies.

How Can I find out how many days’ I have left on my Car Wash Pass?

Please contact the team at with your Car Wash Pass number.

Can I top up the balance on my Car Wash Pass?

No, the Topaz Car Wash Pass cannot be topped up or reused.

What can I do if my Topaz Car Wash Pass is lost/stolen?

If your pass is lost or stolen, please contact and quote any previous pass card transactions. Please record your Car Wash Pass number or retain the receipt as proof of purchase. You will need these if your Pass is lost/stolen.

Note: Usage of the Car Wash Pass constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions. Pass Card issued by Topaz Energy Limited, Beech Hill, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4 (“Topaz”). For full terms and conditions please click here


AirWater-(1).png Air and Water Tower

To use, simply insert €1 coin. Replace the hose when you are finished.

Hover-(2).png Car Vacuum Cleaner

Tokens are available to purchase in-store.

Pump.png Pay at Pump

If you are in a hurry then this service allows you to pay at the pump rather than in the shop. You can pay with your debit, credit, or accepted fuel card. Find your nearest store providing this service using our Site Locator.

ElectricCharge.png Electric Charge Points

Electric Cars can charge up in the following locations:

•    Dublin: Templeville Road, Glasnevin and Newlands Cross.
•    Westmeath: Athlone.
•    Monaghan: Monaghan.
•    Tipperary: Cashel.
•    Limerick: Thomond.
•    Galway: Newcastle.
•    Cork: New Mallow Road.

You can locate these service stations using our Site Locator.