Topaz Quality Fuels


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Protect your engine's vital parts.

Our Quality Fuels plus fuel additive can:

Improve engine efficiency by up to 3%

Clean and protect your engine's vital parts by preventing and removing efficiency-robbing deposits throughout the fuel system.

Maximise efficiency on all major engine types to keep your car performing at its best.

Clean your engine as you drive, improving injector flow and preventing future deposit formation.

Increase engine efficiency to take you further per tank than ordinary unadditised fuel.



High quality fuel can deliver real and measureable benefits through fuel additive technology.

At Topaz, our fuel experts have worked with an industry leading laboratory to develop a powerful in-fuel additive, scientifically proven to remove fuel combustion deposits from within your engine.

The additive acts like a powerful detergent, attaching itself to deposits on the fuel system surface. The molecules then encase the deposit particles allowing them to be combusted with the fuel and removed from the fuel system.

Allowing for immediate injector flow improvement and preventing future deposit formation.

Meaning your engine will run smoother, cleaner and further with every journey.

Topaz Quality Fuels undergo rigorous industry standard testing at every stage of development.

Topaz Quality Fuels are further Quality Approved by AA Ireland, giving you added reassurance.

The AA Quality Assurance is a standard that we earn. It allows us to constantly check the levels of service and the quality of our products against the highest standards in the market place.

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